VivaCut Pro Video Editor App: Download Latest Version (2024 UPDATED)

VivaCut App is one of the premium video editing applications available for Android and ios devices. Further, many professional video editors use this application to edit different types of videos.

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So that, you can use the VivaCut Video Editor App and edit all your videos like a pro.

What Is VivaCut Video Editor App?

The latest version of the VivaCut App (2024) is one of the best multi-functional video editing tools for beginners as well as professional video creators.

Because, it has almost all the essential features to create a complete movie or video clip.

So that you do not have to have a computer or laptop to do your video editing tasks, and you can do that on your mobile device itself.

However, the VivaCut Professional video editor tool is mostly used as a YouTube video editor, Instagram Story Editor, and TikTok video editor.

Further, this video editor app is much faster compared to many other video editing tools.

In addition to that, VivaCut APK has a user-friendly interface, and therefore, users can switch between different options quickly.

So, in that way, this app increases the user experience and efficiency when you do your video editing works.

If you have experience with mobile video editing apps, there are some apps that slow down your device.

However, the VivaCut video editor application will not slow down your device because it is a lightweight app.

More importantly, you do not need any prior experience in video editing in order to use this app.

So that, a person with less technical knowledge will be able to operate the VivaCut Android APK or Ios App.

Some of the alternative video editing tools for VivaCut would be Davinci Resolve, FilmoraGO, Adobe Premiere Pro, and so on.

These applications also have similar features to the VivaCut Pro video editing app. However, it is much simpler than those mentioned alternative apps.

More importantly, VivaCut is a free video editor app, and therefore, you can use it free of charge.

Also, if you are already using paid apps for video editing, you can get away from them and save your money.

Application Package Information

Application NameVivaCut Pro Video Editor
File Size59 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid and iOS
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above
CategoryVideo Editing

Download VivaCut App


How to Download and Install VivaCut Video Editor App?

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VivaCut application is available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and so on.

So that, you can get it on your device from the respective app repository platform.

How to Download and Install VivaCut App for Android?

Vivacut Pro APK in Google Play Store

Visit the Google Play Store and search the term “VivaCut,” and then you will see the application icon on the search results.

So, once you open the app from the search results, you will see an option called “Install.”

So, click on that and to begin the app installation process.

Alternatively, you can directly download the VivaCut video editor APK file from this website and install it on your android device.

VivaCut Video Editor App for PC and Mac

VivaCut application has been developed for mobile operating systems like Android and ios.

Therefore, you will not be able to install it directly on your PC or Mac as computer software.

However, you have to install it on a Windows PC or Mac computer with the help of an android emulator.

All you have to do is install an android emulator and load the VivaCut APK file to it.

After that, you will be able to use the app as you use it on an android device.

You can apply the same method to get the application on your Chromebook as well.

How to Get VivaCut Video Editing App for Ios?

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The application downloads and installation process for ios are similar to Android.

Just go to the Apple app store and search for the application name.

After that, select the app from the search result and click on it to complete the installation on your iPhone or iPad.

There may be minor differences between the ios version and the android version of the VivaCut app in appearance.

However, the features are similar.

VivaCut Video Editor Features

When you have the VivaCut video editor app on your mobile device, you can create a real movie using a few options in the app.

Further, you can use it to share memories and funny edited videos with your friends.

Below are some of the unique features of the VivaCut Pro APK in summary form.

  • Video Speed adjustments
  • Cutting, Trimming, Slicing, Merging, Rotating, flipping, splitting, cropping, zooming and etc.
  • Effects, Filters, Emojis, Fonts, music tracks, slow motion, text animations, Blur options.
  • Background editing.
  • Extensive file formats supportability.
  • 720p, 1080p HD and 4K video export option
  • Slide Show maker.
  • Color Adjustments such as brightness, contrast, saturation, vignetting, color temperature, hue control, and so on.
  • Video Compressing and converting.
  • Overlay options such as opacity and blending features.
  • Social sharing options for YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, TikTok, and so on.

The multi-layer timelines option will help you manage your different types of media files such as videos, audios, images separately and organize them well.

Chroma key and green screen features are rare in many other video editing apps, and therefore it is one of the plus points to consider when choosing the VivaCut App.

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This Pro aesthetic video editor app allows you to use Keyframe Animations such as Masks, Text Stickers, etc.

When it comes to Masks, you will have options like radial, linear, mirror, oval, etc.

Further, With the Music maker feature in the VivaCut App, you can mark music tracks and add different effects according to the rhythm of the music.

Another exciting feature of this video editor app is that it allows you to extract music tracks attached to video files separately. The intuitive user interface of the Vivacut App enabled the option to zoom for frame-by-frame precision with overlay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Vivacut Pro Mod APK?

This is a modified version of the original app by other developers. You may be able to get it from different app platforms.

What is Vivacut online Editor?

This is an upcoming feature of the app.

What is Vivacut QR codes transition?

it is one of the features in the VivaCut App that allows you to create animated QR codes.

What is Vivacut voice-over?

This is an option in the VivaCut Professional Video Editor application that allows you to record voice.

How to edit in Vivacut app without a watermark?

You have to get the Pro version of the app in order to get all the premium features.

How to get the Vivacut app’s old version?

You can select the previous versions of the app in the changelog and download them.

Which country developed the VivaCut App?

The application country of origin is Hong Kong.

How to Download Vivacut App for Free?

You can get it from this website.

How to fix Vivacut export problems?

Try to update the application to its latest version or re-install the app.

How to get a Vivacut refund?

You can lodge an inquiry through the Google Play Store for a refund.

What are Vivacut templates?

These are pre-made templates in the application library.

How to Update the VivaCut Pro App?

You will get automatic update notifications to the application dashboard.

Is Vivacut safe?

Yes. the application is 100% safe to download and use.

How to get Vivacut free trial?

The initial 30 days period of the app is the trial period and you can use all the premium features for free in that period of time.

What is Best Vivacut vs kinemaster?

Both are competitive apps and have similar features to each other.